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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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in the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the civil and military officials, back and chest in the middle of the costumes were dressed a piece of embroidered silk fabrics of birds or animals, called "Buzi", with different patterns and represent the different rank. Civilian costume complements embroidered bird, generals costume complements painted animal idioms "brute", is derived from this. Therefore, the original is not a derogatory term.
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Zhang Yazhen

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needless Tiffany Outlet to say, Wang Hui in childhood learning painting, for well-known, he has a good painting environment, influenced by painting atmosphere, a moment to provide drawing lessons for the elders, and even home there will be points can be used for copying, appreciation of paintings. The king of his painting on the mask and the original text foundation, has a great help.
Wang Hui was born a poor family. But in the painting is "so home", has a deep origin, great grandfather, grandfather, uncle, father is a painter, called Dan noble family.
Jiang Hong
Shanghai Museum "in the small Wang Hui large volume" (twenty-one) of fourteenth
based on the painting atmosphere at that time, Wang Hui in the painting education should to Dong Qichang's aesthetic purport leading antique, division of ancient culture. Compared with the lower persons drawing, of Dong Qichang's understanding, only in antique superficial level, and monuments of the song and Yuan Dynasties, the outstanding works of the Ming Dynasty, they can see how much, even if they see,Tiffany Outlet, and how much is it, and how much of it is false. This creates the aesthetic barrier to the learner.. But aspiring is their own doing everything possible, when there is no lack of hundreds in a kind of see, also there is no lack of borrow sites at early dusk Pro writing to return also reluctantly in silently chasing g, number, see unexpectedly see as a friend.
Wang Hui said yourself "since the boy is addicted to calligraphy, ancient ruins really the noir imitation paper number, shall be the God but has" (Wang Hui "Qinghui Zengyan" Preface), presumably Wang Hui is a lot of seeking monuments it the enthusiasm. His painting family from generation to generation to be richly endowed by nature of accumulated experience of painting. Wang Hui young, although not to see the ancient fort, but will not copy the vulgar works.
Wang Jian to Changshu or Wang Hui in Changshu met Wang Jian, this is Wang Hui painting life turning point, equal to one foot on the ladder. Wang Hui to produce a fan Kei Chan, was in the name of re painting of Wang Jian repeatedly toyed with and admiration, at last and unexpectedly "carrying the sleeve". The night friends feast Wang Jian, Wang Jian's attention not in dozens of guests, nor in Shengge parallel sets of the lively scene. He was completely intoxicated by Wang Hui in the sector, "hold Yu Fan watching fondle admiringly, wine and a half shown over various guest extolling a when, all surprised." (above)
There is no record of the specific circumstances of
has been for a long time, from Dong Qichang to the "Four Wangs" antique as conservative, is really on the skin. Dong Qichang affected at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty's "four monks", directly feeding the "Four Wangs". The former is undoubtedly innovators, while the latter, four surnamed Wang painter has its own features, how also can't fasten on conservative hat. Just "Four Wangs" "Lou Dong", "Yushan" younger oligomers are enterprising, not division of ancient, only the division nearly, swirling in the circle of Wang Hui and Wang Yuanqi, unable to extricate themselves, a generation than a generation become the inbreeding of a foolish man.
is a great painter, with such attitude not budding junior, surprise. What is the huge charm behind a landscape fan page?
fan, text rendering Wang Jian happy situation, is he and >

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(LOT.1111 at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty) "Yu Tang to admi Gafas Oakley Baratos re the beauty of" money you ear Quanzu furnace Mr. Wang Shixiang old Tibetan LOT.1112 Qing "Xian Xian Shi Cang" section of the Ji ear furnace Mr. Wang Shixiang old Tibetan LOT.1113 Qing "Cham's furnace" money manger furnace Mr. Wang Shixiang old Tibetan
Mr. Xiang
twenty copper stove plain elegant, stagger in Ming style articles are on, "Wang Shixiang" in the description of Jane set treasures. Now, people go in, duwusiren.
in the early Republic of China, the ten year old Mr. Xu Xiang when (about 1924), Home Furnishing Beijing courtyard "Fang Jia yuan". Li Qing Zhang also lives near, only a few steps. Although moved to eight of the alley, but also only a lane separated. Li Qingzhang is the father of Mr. Wang Shixiang Wang Jizeng Foreign Ministry colleagues. In the early years of the Republic of Tibet furnace everyone, hidden stove hundred with also said, hundreds of people, do the best. At that time the world like Xiang pigeon, insect animal, intelligent and unruly, often carrying pigeons to visit. Autumn and winter season, also holding cricket tank to Mr. Fu Qing, Zhang put down the plate furnace, play with it, like a son. Mrs. Zhuang Daiyun very pleased with the world Xiang, often enjoy confectionery. Whisper of love, like yourself out too. For a long time, Mr. Zhang Qing Tibet Copper stove often Shixiang caress. Mr. Zhang Qing watched on copper furnace with state, that a person in one state of the furnace, the furnace or the source of Mr. Xiang edge?
and Mr. Li Qingzhang (Zhao Hangnian) of the furnace source
Li Qingzhang, Jiangsu Wujin people, and the world grand father Wang Jizeng colleagues,Gafas Oakley Baratos, a total of Beiyang government post in the Ministry of foreign affairs. Good text good cultural relics, like hidden copper furnace, Shang Wenfang various art, and various devices. And very good, where the Kyoto antique market, common. Who has a good understanding of furnace such as palm, also often bring together to the world around. Zhao old good eyesight, modest and generous, noble character, who is not a fancy fine trifle. For decades, hundreds of used furnace and into the spectrum of Blair, such as red ear furnace, scorpionfish dragon ear furnace, Taige type furnace, Ji ear furnace, each of 20. Mr. Zhao Ruzhen, the Republic of China, was very high on his evaluation..
world Tibet furnace which have 40, seat, or copper or wood. The catastrophe of the "Cultural Revolution", when more than thirty return furnace, only "jade hall playing" big Li Muzuo Tonggui furnace. The thirty copper furnace, were recorded in the "Mr. Jane" set in. In August 2003, accompanied by his wife Yuan Quanyou Ms. Xianshi, world Mr. Xiang Dabei inadvertently hidden objects, they commissioned China Guardian auction company auction fully, and at this time only copper furnace 21 articles (Yujiu, already by Mr. "I sent"). Today, however, it is a little more. Upon inquiry, Hushang collectors have the 21 pieces of copper furnace even love the "deep Liu Shutang" red ear furnace, placed on the desk, often toyed with. A long time, was missing, the master sighed and said: "another gentleman Tibet furnace".
Shi Xiang Mr. Xuan furnace plot, source in childhood, due to cultural family, the more source in the old neighborhood, Li Qing Zhang (Zhao Hangnian) Mr. edification.
said, Zhang Qing Yang is got in the palace from furnace. "At the beginning of end of Tibetan" for the basin Ge furnace, the beginning of time, Zhang want to abandon, be fine.
Liu Xirong

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As the Han Dynasty Han Dynasty craft mirror mirror techno Cheap coach logy process of mirror utmost Han extravagant luxury luxuryThe Han Dynast Coach outlet online y bronze mirror
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made in Yangzhou in addition to conventional mirror, also produced the special craft mirror. At present, Yangzhou found the earliest Coach outlet online special craft mirror is the Warring States period "painting lines, the bronze mirror" mirror in 1999 Yu Yizheng Xin Ji Zhen Zhao Zhuang Miao Shan Cun group a Warring States tomb unearthed in. Its diameter is 25.2 cm, is a large mirror surface,Coach outlet online, there are obvious traces of lacquer painting. This shows a high level during the Warring States period painting mirror manufacture. To the west of late Hanzhoung,Coach outlet online, Yangzhou special mirror technology has been highly developed, on the basis of previous category increased, besides painting mirrors, and gilded mirror, mirror, inlaid with gold and silver foil mirror wrong mirror and other varieties,Cheap coach, the more the emergence of new technology are combined to metalworking, silver and agate,Coach outlet online, turquoise precious stones inlaid with bronze mirror.
in special process of Han Dynasty unearthed in the mirror, is kept in the Yangzhou Museum of the Western Han Dynasty "gold foil geometry mirror" and "paste foil beast mirror" are so fine. The two mirror are unearthed in Yangzhou Gan Quan Xiang Ba Jia Dun tomb. The former mirror is round, a round button, button inlaid copper foam nails, suspected the original accessories supplement after falling off. Persimmon grain knob, each leaf center embedded with a falling from four between, paste in painting ash gold. The main lines for high string pattern is arranged between the three wide slot, slot to paint substrate,Coach Purses outlet, inner, outer two broadly triangular groove affixed to the gold and silver foil, wide in the middle groove is stuck with gold foil, with black painted geometric moire. The latter mirror button embedded treasure off,peuterey outlet, persimmon grain knob, each leaf center block a matter off, leaf between residual lacquer ash, surface decorated unknown. The main lines for decorated lacquer ash on the ground in all kinds of copper foil animals patterns,Coach Purses outlet, animal patterns was very fine grid mesh hollowed out, because the repair was thick paint packing to lose the original living state. Through the mirror is higher,Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher, the inner inclined wall decorated with painted geometric moire pattern, with two week string pattern clip a week gold foil as margin.
and on 2007 in Yangzhou West Lake town of sericulture brick and tile factory site unearthed "Han jewelled gold and silver flat to take off the Phoenix bird bronze mirror" using gold and silver level off,Coach outlet online, and jewelled, lacquer process,Coach Purses outlet, production technology is complex,nobis paris, gold,Coach outlet online, silver,Canada Goose Pas Cher, lacquer ornamentation staggered,Borse Michael Kors Outlet, shiny eye-catching, designs beautiful, extremely rare. This mirror diameter of 18.4 cm,Cheap coach, margin of 0.7 cm thick, round, a round button,Cheap coach, button and jewelled depigmentation,Michael Kors Outlet Italia, silver foil persimmon grain knob, four in each have a circular concave point, suspected block treasure lost leaves, leaf painted red brown paint edge. Seat outside a week raised circle belt will mirror was divided into two zones, in the region with hollow gold paste decorated four wings Phoenix, and painted red brown paint ring. Outer ring with peripheral to seven inward with arc design of arc seven pointed star formed with angle, interior circle lines and other geometric decoration. Mirror edge interior foil hollow five groups with each group of phoenix patterns, as the two side vertical relative Phoenix clip a wing vertical bird. There is the equal distance, size eight square around the edge of the same mirror, a circular concave point box should have intermediate, block treasure.
special craft mirror of the Han Dynasty made in Yangzhou on the basis of the practical luxurious decoration, by the time the noble women of all ages, and represents the highest level of China's Han Dynasty bronze mirror manufacture.
Xu Zhongwen Zhou Changyuan.


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has Tianxin pattern of the old co Coach outlet online ins have been found 32 kinds of
to further understand the history of these old coins,Coach Purses outlet, Tianxin Pavilion,Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher, the cultural relics department staff also Coach Purses outlet specifically to the Hunan Province Collectors Association vice president,Canada Goose Pas Cher, antique Judicial Identification Center Deputy Director,Cheap coach, stamp and coin expert Lubo Xiong consult. Lubo Xiong see this five notes and refer to the relevant historical data after introduction,Cheap coach, the late Qing Dynasty and issued by Hunan in the early period of the Republic of China Tianxin Ge pattern notes,Michael Kors Outlet Italia, the design of Hunan government banks and private money,nobis pas cher, resulting in a far-reaching impact. According to the relevant experts, the Tianxin pattern of the old coins have been found more than 32 kinds.
Tickets printed printed printed; printed according to , the five notes are Guangxu 34 years (190cool, "Hunan official money Bureau commissioned by the Shanghai Commercial Press issued the second edition of the silver ticket one tael of four years (1915)," Hunan bank commissioned by the American bank note company issued copper ticket 100 medals. Of the eight years (1919), "Yu Xiang Bank commissioned by the American bank note company issued silver dollar ticket Wu Yuan; of 25 years (1936)," Hunan Province bank commissioned in Changsha of Hunan, Hubei, the company issued copper 0111 Wen; and twenty-six years (1937) the bank commissioned by the Shanghai Commercial Press printed ticket Wu. Tianxin Ge management at the cultural relics department staff told reporters confirmed that this five old currency, one tael of Hunan official money Bureau, Hunan bank 100 pieces, Yuxiang bank Wu Yuan on the obverse, left the oval is Tianxin Pavilion on the south side of the close range in late Qing period, right oval at the time of the Tianxin Ge panorama, issued by the Bank of China Hunan 0111 Wen and Wu, positive pattern is a 1928 Tianxin Ge after the renovation of picture.

This old banknotes positive pattern is 1928 tianxin. Zhou Baiping photo report from our correspondent (reporter correspondent Shawei Zhou Baiping) during the May Day holiday, the reporter received a home help Chigang village of Mr. Zhang broke the news, said in Pak Sha Road antiques market see five in late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China in Hunan Province issued the old notes and coins have the pattern of old Changsha Tianxin Ge, astonished.
"Tianxin Pavilion is located in Changsha center more than 30 meters high in the southeast corner of the ancient city walls, landmark building in the ancient city of Changsha, China's historical and cultural building, all through the ages is the ancient city of Changsha's feng shui treasure. Put its pattern onto the coin, and it was taken for granted at that time. These old coins show when the Tianxin Ge appearance, and historical changes, is powerful testimony to the Tianxin Ge and Changsha modern history. " Tianxin management office director Chen Jie said.
5 old record history

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, according to Russian media reports, the Russian State Duma International Affairs Committee Pashtoon said cove, America President Obama has become the "Magnitsky list" of the hostages, then the list will also be poisoned over a longer period of time the relations between the two countries.
Pooth Kopf 14, also said, USA Presidential Assistant for national security affairs he will become the first experience America through the "black list" the consequences. He disclosed that Mr. Donilon will visit Moscow in 15, in preparation for the Obama and Putin during the G8 summit in June this year the bilateral talks.
April 12th, the United States announced a and "the magnitsky act" related to the "black list", the prohibition of 18 Russian citizens entering the United States and to freeze their assets in the United states. 13, Russia as a counterattack also published related with "anti Magnitsky bill" blacklist, the prohibition of 18 American citizens enter russia. These citizens suspected of detention, abuse of prisoners and violations of Russian citizens in foreign countries for human rights and freedom in the military prison at Guantanamo indefinitely.
Russian liberal Democrat leader Zhirinovsky said, the United States announced "Magnitsky's list" behavior is to the thinking of the cold war, the "black list" has no meaning in terms of russia. He thinks, the United States announced the "black list" continuation of the previous century published Jackson? Vanik amendment to Russia's discrimination policy, if at that time through the amendment is trade problems caused by political reasons, and now the "black list" is entirely due to the ideological factors.
and he said, American published including 18 Russian citizens "Magnitsky list" will have a negative impact on the relationship between Russia and the United States, because USA government will annually according to "the magnitsky act" to Russian citizens more joined the list. Signed the bill, USA President Obama became American Congress anti Russian sentiments hostage.
, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukaszewicz said that in the "black list" of war is not Russia's choice, but Russia must respond to provocation of the public. He believes that the U.S. move would cause great blow to the bilateral relations and mutual trust.

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,Coach Purses outlet
reporter learned that the Coach Purses outlet current jade jewelry is mainly divided int peuterey outlet o A,peuterey outlet, C,Cheap coach, B three categories. A class is only after the physical processing of carving the natural jade,Tiffany Outlet, color brightness is good,Cheap coach, prices are also hig Cheap coach her; class B jade after acid soaking and plastic injection and other anthropogenic chemical method processing,Coach outlet online, remove the impurities in jadeite,Coach outlet online, increased transparency, make the original range of jade becomes clean and transparent, but emerald internal structure was severely damaged. The C class is the worst grade, the emerald itself has no color, after the chemical treatment of variable color. In the relevant detection mechanism exposure of jade quality problems, is the use of jade B, C, quartz rock texture and other materials posing as jade a class, or synthetic products, such as a jade, etc..
Southern Daily reporter Yu Dongxue
insiders said that although China's relevant departments have formulated the "jade classification", defines the definition of jade, jade classification, and the provisions of the quality grading of emerald green, from the four aspects of color, transparency, texture, clarity. But the feasibility of the operation is not great. Liang Muzhou also told reporters that the GB did not detail the weight of the standard, so there are no small differences in the standards of each place.
in addition, jade price difference is more a sense of human judgment, are often different views. The same piece of jade because of personal appreciation of the angle and showing a different bright spot, the price difference is also relatively large. There are some companies will adopt the virtual standard crazy and other promotional tools, to push the high price.
Liang Muzhou suggested that ordinary consumers into the city to be cautious, must have some basic common sense of jade, do not superstitious certificate, but also to prevent the occurrence of the goods do not plate.

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"Cong Ray Ban Italia ratulations on Shanghai celadon cup"
Shanghai Yi Qing Xuan was founded five anniversary. In inherit and carry forward the development of Chinese traditional ceramic culture, Yi Qing Xuan formed its own unique style, to fashion popular features, with the Shanghai style culture coincide, created in Shanghai, Chen Yao, become a unique flower of Shanghai Shanghai ceramic culture. "Congratulations Cup" -- bamboo bearing cup is to wish he Yiqing Xuan fifth anniversary of the establishment of the specially designed by the hundreds of years of history's traditional Gaozu cup evolved and is smooth, graceful arc.
in the Yuan Dynasty immediately groups often holding Gaozu cup happily drinking to celebrate the spirit, "Congratulations Cup" using the classical traditional type and decoration given new creative ideas.
"Congratulations cup cup body Longquan celadon traditional lotus petals decor, ten petals, contains perfect, good luck. The gentleman virtue that the lotus has the silt and the not to dye the gentleman virtue is full of personality meaning. In life, people often use lotus with endorsements, good luck, happy and harmonious implication.
high cup foot string decoration Longquan celadon traditional, simple and elegant, fine and orderly. Five string pattern symbolizes the career development like bamboo as soaring. Bamboo and lotus are common elegant plants in nature, the two plants full of life and hope, contains a bright future. Works ingeniously use bamboo and lotus petals ornamentation clever combination, "bamboo Lotus" and "Congratulations" homophonic, Congratulations, rich and lively, happy meaning.
works with natural glaze and natural plant com. Mei Ziqing glaze like a clear spring, clear. Formed in the high temperature of integrated with the nature of emerald green, storm,Ray Ban Italia, cloud broken sunrise of the natural beauty and make you feel as if to embrace the flowers bloom in the eternal spring. Show a low-key, exudes a unique subtle beauty of celadon. The image of celadon the noble detached, lotus and otherworldly character complement each other, lotus low-key shows elegant, with elegant and implicit celadon extremely similar, and the artistic conception is far-reaching.
a whole piece charm unique, give full play to the imagination of the celadon art, through the variation of surface and a line, conversion, using traditional techniques, fusion modern creative elements, it gives new meaning to the work, the perfect embodiment of the Yi Qing Xuan 5th anniversary celebration activities of significance, but also reflects the Yi Qing Xuan rich humanistic connotation. Is a combination of development experience will Xuan art of traditional celadon culture and Yi qing. Xia long

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,replica oakleys
Ma Dezhao
replica oakleys
Ma Dezhao her favorite martial arts,ray ban sale, marti ray ban sale al arts youth reading at home. At the age of 18 and became the soldiers,ray ban uk, began military career,tiffany bracelet, until the age of 4 ray ban uk 8. In the suppression of the Taiping Uprising has been promoted to be reused,louboutin outlet, and meritorious service. Between 1860 February to June,Cheap Ray Ban, in Li Xiucheng,Cheap Ray Ban, Chen Yucheng rate Taiping Army second break the Jiangnan camp,ray ban outlet, to solve the siege of Tianjing,cheap louboutin, and exploit a victory to attack in the south of Jiangsu Province,ray ban outlet, has body for Bing,tiffany bracelet, responsible for guarding the Yangzhou Ma Dezhao strive to resist,cheap oakleys, was ordered to guard the Wuxi,ray ban sale, Suzhou,ray ban outlet, were defeated.
Xi'an Beilin,michael kors cheap, calligrapher calligraphy lovers,ray ban outlet, the hearts of the Holy land. A calligraphy nameless,louboutin pas cher, not prominent in the Qing Dynasty Warriors Ma Dezhao eight pieces of calligraphy ledan which,air max pas cher, stand in the forest of stone tablets in the fourth,louboutin pas cher, five galleries. Ma Dezhao who,cheap oakleys, calligraphy is worth? This paper focuses on the representative of "60 heavy week" Shou "" "a" word "tiger" introduces Ma Dezhao's calligraphy art.
however,Gioielli Outlet Tiffany, it is difficult to find relevant information above. This paper focuses on the appreciation Ma Dezhao on behalf of the sixtieth week weight "Shou" character "and" a pen "tiger" word ",ray ban outlet, a brief introduction Xi'an Forest of stone tablets in his calligraphy stele,air max cheap, in order to understand the profile of calligraphy.
and their reasons of calligraphy according to the Markov Genealogy: Ma Dezhao,ray ban uk, Langzhong nanjinguan Polygonum matrella people (now the Jiangnan Town Kuixing Village),cheap michael kors bags, was born in Daoguang four years (1824),hermes borse outlet, died in sixteen years Guangxu (1890),air max 90 pas cher, died at the age of 66. Ma Dezhao died,hogan outlet, was buried in his hometown.
Xi'an is a calligrapher,Cheap Ray Ban, calligraphy lovers of the sacred heart. Ancient famous name,louboutin prix, as in this book. However Ma Dezhao -- a calligraphy ring,michael kors cheap, a prominent swordsman actually have eight pieces of calligraphy ledan which,scarpe hogan outlet, stand in the forest of stone tablets in the fourth,ray ban uk, five galleries. Especially the sixtieth week weight "Shou" character "the pen" tiger "in the word" both the word bangshu,nike tn cheap, magnificent,air max cheap, is the tour guide,ray ban uk, who focuses on the monument to explain; the Kuixing point fighting "the heart of self-cultivation,ray ban uk, Kejifuli" character skillfully into "Kuixing" image,Tiffany Gioielli, is lovely.
Xi'an of Ma Dezhao in "a" tiger "calligraphy word". Xi'an Forest of Steles in Xi'an Forest of Steles,michael kors outlet, calligraphy Ma Dezhao the sixtieth week weight "Shou" character "in the calligraphy of Ma Dezhao the sixtieth week weight" longevity "of the word" Xi'an Forest of stone tablets in Ma Dezhao calligraphy "Kuixing point fighting figure"
strong jump Ma Zhixiang

the first year of tongzhi (1862) March "Department of Malaysia Dezhao admirals in Gansu Province",air jordan cheap, Ma Dezhao was in Henan combat,air max pas cher, then aim that the emplacement of Gansu,cheap oakleys, not to mention,coach cheap, because of the Taiping Army in southern Shaanxi,replica oakleys, Qing Ji Ling Ma Dezhao Jifu Hanzhong suppress the Taiping army. In April,cheap replica Coach, Shaanxi Hui uprising broke out. In mid May a horse to Xi'an,coach cheap, Xi'an coincides with the rebel siege of the capital. At the time of the Qing Shaanxi basically transferred to Jiangsu,coach cheap, Anhui,Cheap Ray Ban, >
who is Ma Dezhao? Why are there so many books were carved on stone tablets? Is the art of its value high? What his valiant record? What is the background,replica cheap oakleys, is a celebrity? Is he a calligrapher? Often the audience raised the question.

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Yang Feiwu: such as the provincial master of Arts and crafts works, as michael kors cheap long as not a ghostwriter or batch production, many organizations are in the acquisition. In addition, some skills of young ancestral craft, known the works appreciation of space, will be more sought after. And those who taught themselves, if the work unique, there will be institutions to buy, and even speculation.
Yangcheng Evening News: at present, the contemporary Jingdezhen ceramic market prices?
Yang Feiwu: Jingdezhen pottery art is mostly generation passed down, so now master of many are painting two generations ". They are basically learning the traditional process, there are limitations, but still sell well.
Yangcheng Evening News: what is the difference between contemporary Jingdezhen ceramic and traditional style?
text / figure Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Can intern leaves cocoa
Yangcheng Evening News: Contemporary Jingdezhen famous ceramic works do not fall?
Yang Feiwu: it's good for Shanghai to sell well, and the people in Shanghai are more receptive to modern style.. South of the Five Ridges four seasons such as spring, flowers, more like peony, kapok, litchi these themes. While the North like blue and white, or elegant antique landscape painting.
oil painting wind porcelain Shanghai popular
Jingdezhen ceramic is hard currency
Yang Feiwu: Yeah, the big trend won't fall. This year, the market is optimistic, can be
and like a strong provincial arts and Crafts Master of this work is more innovative, called the integrated painting skills, and modern home decoration style coordination. Some are painted with paint,michael kors cheap, some are directly painted glaze, it can be said that the traditional and modern synthesis. The traditional painting is basically the kind of line that goes painting, fine brushwork or freehand brushwork. And modern works like decorative painting, a bit of oil painting style.
to contemporary ceramic art and the status of Jingdezhen ceramic is beyond doubt, but collection of Jingdezhen Ceramic how to start, how to look at the status of Jingdezhen ceramic, understand the value of contemporary Jingdezhen ceramic, and both are challenges that lie in front of each and a collector. Recently, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yang Feiwu dialogue south of the Five Ridges Guangdong cultural and artistic studies, he believes that the current price of contemporary Jingdezhen ceramic prices have dropped, the market is expected to pick up in 2014.
Yangcheng Evening News: innovative Jingdezhen ceramic market acceptance?
Yangcheng Evening News: now in Jingdezhen, because many financial institutions to intervene, ceramics also become hard currency. What kind of work is easy to circulate?
this year the boutique Jingdezhen ceramic market is optimistic about
Yang Feiwu: since last year, the mid-range ceramic sales very poor, but two sales to the good. The price of a slight drop, the original piece of 100000 yuan or so of the crafts may now fall to 70000 -8 million, but sales better. Jingdezhen ceramic prices may also rise, so the need to invest in the collection should take advantage of now.

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